Pengetout rhymes with mangetout

Guest slot

Pengetout shop
109 Penge High Street
SE20 7DT

July 2017

Pengetout pop-shop SE20 local artists makers entrepreneurs
Pengetout, a collaboration of local artists, makers and entrepreneurs.


Pengetout is a pop-up shop on Penge High Street. You will find it nestled amongst a fabulous selection of fried chicken shops and esteemed charity shops, next door to Press Gang printers (knock out an A1 poster at the eleventh hour) and Penge Bistro (genuine Italian nosh).

The shop was conceived and funded by Bromley Council as part of a scheme to grow business in the Penge area. They drafted in Sally Williams from Retail Revival Ltd, who is an expert in setting up pop-up shops and making them profitable. Sally has something of a no-nonsense Lord Alan Sugar approach to driving a business into profit – all to the benefit of the 9 or so traders currently selling their wares and ready to take the reigns themselves from September onwards.

I’m really happy to say that ShimmyShim has a guest slot at Pengetout throughout July.

Currently I’m trying lots of different products in the shop to see what appeals to Penge customers. Right now, you will find the full range of cards and two vintage Sindy sets (Sindy wall divider and Sindy scooter). And as already posted I’m setting up a temporary Sindy Museum on Saturday 22 July which should be fun.

OK I have to end a bit of a chicken shop diversion here to mention Chicken Shop clothing I WANT ONE OF THOSE Ts! I want to offer products that make you say I WANT ONE OF THOSE! Well certain fashion dolls, Sindy in particular certainly have that effect on some of you.

Penge Chicken Shop Clothing t-shirt

and The Pengest Munch only because it’s the Pengest. 2.5 million video views! Ordinary South London kid… Crazy.

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