’96 a vintage year for Bubbling Barbie

I recently acquired a large lot of Barbie dolls from 1996 with a few ’95s too. They are fab and I’ll introduce a few of them over the next few days. Queen of the bunch must be Angel Princess Barbie. Don’t worry about whether an Angel can also be a princess just think ***Double Whopper***.

Fallen Angel Princess Barbie

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Angel Princess Barbie in front of shelf

She is a very practical Angel who can stow her wings. They reattach with a big white press stud fastener. I wonder how you would design a life size dress with same helter skelter style skirt. Perhaps you could make it with thin nylon piping. It’s very carnivalesque.

She is not to be outdone by her watery sister Bubbling Mermaid Barbie (just squeeze to make bubbles). Well that was the idea, but she’s lost part of her bubbly crown mechanism. I do love her seahorse earrings.

Bubbling Barbie seahorse earrings

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Bubbling Barbie head 1996

But what hair! Crimply, lovely and probably microplastic polluting sadly. Bubbling Barbie we live with your legacy.

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