Feel that One Of A Kind special tingle OOAK?

I just had eBay feedback plus a lovely message from a customer. She was really happy because she spotted a surprise extra on the package I sent her: a Royal Mail 1st Class stamp featuring Sindy.

Very pleased with my purchase & for the Sindy stamp

Lovely dress, sent promptly and well packed - I especially liked the Sindy stamp

I wondered if anyone would notice the Sindy stamps – of course I hoped they would but you never know. It was just great to hear they did and were just a little bit thrilled. There’s something about a real letter with a real stamp these days. Gives you a bit of a tingle.

Royal Mail Sindy Weekender doll stamp

The only thing is, you can’t buy a single Sindy stamp – they come as part of a set of 10 Classic Toys stamps. So you might be lucky if you buy a Sindy item from ShimmyShim but I can’t promise : )

Royal Mail Classic Toys stamps 2017

I’ve been extremely busy for the past two weeks building my stand for ComicCon which will be at the Excel Centre in London Friday 25 to Sunday 27 May. Hopefully I’ll have time to write a bit more about it before the event. It’s a bit of an experiment where I’ll be showcasing some ‘Fashion Victim’ skeleton toys dressed in vintage clothes and vintage and preloved dolls. It will be interesting to see of the younger crowd like them. Hope so as I’ve spent hours working on the stand. It’s made of papier-mâché…

Meantime, I aim to list on eBay every day to keep plenty of lovely #microvintage stuff available.

This week I fished out some more cool handmade OOAK items from my collection. It is difficult to tell the difference between handmade dolls clothes and production line clothes but there are some clues. Handmade often have a bit more finishing on them whereas the factory made rarely finish the seams (and they tend to fray because of that). Hooks and eyes are generally not seen on factory made. They sometimes have thicker fabric that I imagine wouldn’t so easily go through factory machines quickly (on such a small item). Other idiosyncrasies are in the design and choice of fabric pattern. Sometimes the patterns are larger because the maker has used up fabric they bought for their own clothes, whereas the branded items will have used fabric chosen especially for the doll. And handmade doesn’t of course, always mean the item is strictly OOAK. There may be more than one made. But handmade usually means very unusual and a bit special.

Here are some of the examples (some are still available to buy in the shop).

Sindy in handmade black skirt and 70s flower power skirt
The black maxi skirt is handmade from thick nylon. The flower power skirt is probably factory made.

Go to ShimmyShim SHOP

Sindy in handmade purple maxi skirts
Two handmade nylon 70s maxi skirts

Go to ShimmyShim SHOP

I think this jacket, scarf and dress set was made by the same person as the nylon skirts above. Passion for purple! Look at the beautifully sewn buttonhole.

Hand finished button hole on doll jacket
SOLD – OOAK hand made suit jacket in purple with scarf and dress.

The jacket is even lined with matching fabric.

Lined doll jacket purple vintage fabric
SOLD – lined jacket

The vintage fabric is super: collaged squares with painterly brushstrokes.

Tunic dress with purple vintage fabric
SOLD – purple vintage fabric dress.

More thick fabric here in a zig-zag pattern. Notice some hand stitching on the trim.

Tweedy suit for doll hand made pink brown zig zag
SOLD zig zag tweedy 70s trouser suit with hat
ooak skinny trousers
SOLD – OOAK skinny trousers
mauve boucle doll suit
SOLD Handmade suit with head band in mauve boucle fabric.

This skirt is unidentified rather than handmade. I recognise the fabric design from other dolls clothes, which makes me suspect it is not handmade. Although I haven’t been able to identify it.

Red daisies on blue pattern maxi skirt
SOLD Maxi skirt probably production made

Suspect this is handmade if only because the fabric print design is quite large.

Sindy in a kaftan with Japanese style flowers
SOLD Crazy 70s kaftan which looks a bit like a kimono

This looks very 80s Pedigree in style, but I haven’t seen it identified as Sindy anywhere yet. Perhaps it is a Barbie outfit. Or is it a totally unique one-off design?

Sindy in silver 80s jumpsuit
Mystery jumpsuit

Go to ShimmyShim SHOP

The puff sleeve of a beautifully finished green satin mini dress. The dress is so well finished that I can’t believe it was factory made. The seams are covered with green bias binding.

Detail of puff lace sleeve
SOLD Lace sleeve detail
Bias binding finishing on mini doll dress
Bias binding finishing on mini doll dress

Another mini dress still available in the shop. Check the natty white belt. Unidentified could be OOAK but has a factory feel.

Pink doll mod dress white belt
SOLD Mod dress with white belt.

And I will end with an item I decided I couldn’t bring myself to sell this week. It is of course a very well known Pedigree Outfit called ‘Coffee Date’. I just love it.

Sindy 1965 Coffee Party oufit 12S61
Sindy 1965 Coffee Party oufit #12S61

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