ShimmyShim is a fashion doll clothes, accessories and furniture SHOP

We specialise in micro-style and micro-vintage. Cool furniture and luxury fashions that you might never be able to afford on a human scale. Desirables that would never fit in your human size house, but will fit in a 1:6 scale des res.

Shop here if you collect Barbie, Sindy, Pippa, Dawn, Daisy and other fashion dolls.  We offer various sizes including outfits for 6″ 8″ 9″ 10″ 11″ and 12″ dolls. Also a great resource for fashion aficionados, designers, and retro and vintage collectors.

Most of our vintage collection is from the early 1960s onwards. We also offer retro, preloved and new designs.


We take care to prep and primp all our preloved items as carefully as possible, so that they reach you in the best possible clean and mended condition. You’ll receive nicely wrapped and carefully packaged collectibles when you order online. Check our great feedback

Our delivery promise is ‘next working day’ but we post earlier when possible.

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