Fix It Tip: a quick mend for frayed seams and hems

Interfacing fabric and a fixed hem

TLC is an acronym collectors use which means ‘needs some tender loving care’. I received a large lot of doll’s clothes the other day which was chock full of TLC items. It must have been a rejects bag! Obviously with doll’s clothes, they’ve often been played with and handled roughly for years by children and they can end up with tears, holes, pen marks, frayed edges and lost buttons or pop fasteners.

Speed is of the essence my end, so I thought of this quick way of mending a frayed hem. It is also a good way of mending a small hole, without sewing on an unsightly patch. It even works beautifully on damaged chiffon or transparent fabrics. I have used it to successfully mend a tear in a lovely psychedelic 1971 Sindy blouse before.

Hem line with a frayed edge

Tools and materials

  1. Iron
  2. Scissors
  3. Feather or light weight, fusible (iron on) interfacing fabric

Light weight interfacing showing the fabric is transparent

Light weight fusible interfacing fabric


  1. Wash and iron your item.
  2. Snip a small strip or patch of interfacing fabric.
  3. Touch the interfacing to feel the rougher side which has the glue and place it glue side down over the frayed area.
  4. Iron on a medium heat for a few seconds
    (my fabric has helpful instructions printed on and indicates 8 seconds).

Frayed hemline mended with iron on interfacing

You have a neat mend and you’ve saved a lovely piece from disintegrating in front of your eyes!


Space Fantasy Sindy and Toyah Willcox on the scene

Space Fantasy Sindy in Cherry Pop, Quick Changes and Dream Ballet

My super model for this week has been pink haired Space Fantasy Sindy (1985). She’s nicely designed with a heart shaped, vulcan hairline so that she can wear her hair up on top. A very popular doll with collectors. Quite a stand out in the line of brunettes and blondes.
Here she is in the “Quick Change” 1982 silver outfit (plus extra bag), which came out three years before Space Fantasy.


She brings back memories of Toya Willcox yelling “I don’t want to go to school” in a fabulous silver and black sci-fi inspired ensemble.

Delighted to see that she’s just released a new single called Sensational. A hopeful song for the children of the future, with a fab contemporary but 80s inspired music video.

Space Fantasy also shone this week when I dressed her up in the Jean Paul Gaultier style corset from Hasbro “Dream Ballet” 1991. It looks very pop star without the skirt!


And I love this pink polka dot “Cherry Pop” trouser suit (1984). The white braces, made from two linked loops are such a great twist.


I remember a pink polka dot blouse I wore to death in the 80s. Loved it.

Would love to hear about your space inspired outfits from the 80s.

p.s on the metallic space theme, a Facebook friend just shared this… Brigitte Bardot in 1968 “Contact !”

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Tip top – pointy Aladdin shoes, a black hat and happiness

Here are a few of my favourite accessories added to the eBay shop in the last few days. This black top hat is a real stand out piece – nicely designed and good quality with a solid, durable feel. The slight curve along the edge really distinguishes is. I’d love to see it as part of a circus ringmaster’s outfit.

Barbie wearing black top hat

Black top hat

These white ‘Aladdin’ or arabic style, pointy slippers are a very unusual colour. I’ve found pale blue ones and gold coloured ones as part of Disney outfits, but still unable to identify these. They are a perfect fit on the Barbie you see above wearing the top hat. I think she is a Fashionista.

White Aladdin slippers with pointy toes

Barbie wearing white Aladdin shoes

Red bag with moulded floral pattern

This little ‘Happiness’ slogan bag brings Christmas cracker surprise joy. Love the lo-fi quality – check the ‘MADE IN’ up the right way on one side, and ‘HONG KONG’ upside down on the other side.

Red plastic bag with happiness slogan

Would love an ID on the shoes and the top hat if you have any knowledge, please share. The top hat also fits Mary Quant Daisy doll nicely.