Pedigree Sindy Pretty Pose 1975

Update May 13 Pretty Pose not so distinguishing features?

I’m now very unsure of my ID on this doll. She actually looks more like a Funtime ’74 or ’75 and I’m thinking her arms do not bend enough, and are not spindly enough to make her a Pretty Pose Sindy.

However, she doesn’t match the Petradolls website description of the next closest doll – the Funtime – either.

  • The description for the head does not match a Funtime because it is brunette and marked 033050X.
  • And the body doesn’t match a Funtime body either as it not marked OD or Hong Kong.
  • The legs don’t bend.

Her head matches the description for a 1975 Active Sindy, with the long brunette hair, high colour and the number 033050X.

So a bit of an enigma. I would be very interested to hear feedback from any longtime collectors – please comment if you have any information that would help.

Doll’s distinguishing features

  • Hard head.
  • Number marking: 033050X on back of head.
  • Bendable arms (with wires inside). Non-bendable legs.
  • High colour with quite strong blusher and red lip paint.
  • Shoulder length wavy thick hair.
  • Very long legs – this example comes up at 29cm tall.
  • Fingers and toes are very detailed.

This is a quick post to show off a doll that I’ve been told is a Pretty Pose Sindy from 1975 (since found she may not be that). She has a slightly sultry look despite her baby face.

Pretty Pose Sindy brunette 1975 portrait pink

Here she is wearing what appears to be a version of a 1975 outfit called ‘Pleasant Dreams’. The online Sindy Museum shows one manufactured by Mego
This one is very similar but it has long sleeves.

Pretty Pose Sindy brunette 1975 in Pleasant Dreams

In my pile of ironing I found another little item made from similar fabric and added it to the eBay listing for this doll.

Pretty Pose in Pleasant Dreams type top

There is also a negligee made from a similar fabric in 1974. Notice the butterflies in the fabric design.

Sindy doll negligee 1974

Buy 1974 Sindy butterfly negligee

The (possibly) Pretty Pose Sindy doll is a super model. She looks great in this bright Red Raver outfit from 1985.

Sindy Red Raver body suit and slippers on Pretty Pose

Buy Sindy Red Raver 6 item underwear set

Sindy Red Raver outfit 1975 on Pretty Pose

I also reshot several vintage hand made outfits using her as a model because they looked a bit frumpy on Mini Sindy (1965). Here’s Mini looking like Angela Merkel (who I’m sure is not frumpy by nature but doesn’t wear in a twin set that well).

Handmade lavendar 60s twin set
Handmade lavendar boucle 60s twin set (SOLD)

Compared to Pretty Pose.

Pretty Pose in handmade lavendar suit

However, Mini looks fetching in a bit of turquoise.

Hand made turquoise tweed coat (SOLD)
Hand made turquoise tweed coat (SOLD)

The (possibly) Pretty Pose Sindy would be quite rare as she was only made during 1975 and only sold in the UK. I bought her from a collector. I had no idea what price to sell her at so I decided to experiment with a reverse auction. She’s currently still for sale, although she’s such a good model I’ve been tempted to end the listing.

I would be interested to see your pictures of Pretty Pose. If you’d like to share your own Pretty Pose photos, please drop me a line.

Fingers and Toes

p.s forgot to mention the fingers and toes. They’re more detailed than later Sindy dolls with creases marked on the finger joints and little nails.

Pretty Pose Sindy brunette 1975 feet

Pretty Pose Sindy brunette 1975 hands

Pretty Pose Sindy brunette 1975 frontPretty Pose Sindy brunette 1975 back

Beach Party Sindy 1984

I’m working as fast as I can to spruce and dress a large lot of Sindys that I bought from another collector back in February. I need to get them up, on show and ready to ship. This involves a fair amount of work including running up to Bunnings (our local hardware store) to fetch Sindy size boxes from their bumper box recycling crate.

Rummaging is another large part of the job. I have various doll clothes packed in boxes and bags. They’re organised by type, rather than year. So skirts in one box, day dresses in another. And so on. This is useful for photography and picking things out to assemble as a styled photographic set, but less useful for putting together the original sets favoured by collectors. I had a tiny piece of white rope in a compartment of one of my bits boxes. And it was the key to this whole outfit for Beach Party Sindy.

Beach Party Sindy 1984 in green sun visor and polka dot blouse.

I suddenly remembered the other components of the outfit – they were squirrelled away in about 6 different hidey holes. The jeans I hadn’t really studied before (and therefore remembered) but I was thrilled to find a pair in the box labelled TROUSERS. They’re quite intriguing, with a red stitch design printed onto them.

Beach Party Sindy 1984 in green sun visor with rope belt

The sun visor is so cool and reminds me of various House of Flora designs.

House of Flora Helios Jamaican Visor side view
House of Flora Helios Jamaican Visor side view
House of Flora Helios Jamaican Visor
House of Flora Helios Jamaican Visor

I start by identifying the doll with the help of the Petra Dolls website and other delving around. Once I’ve established the year as close as I can, I try to find a matching outfit. And as any Sindy collector will know, the best place for an outfit ID is Our Sindy Museum This doll is quite unusual as she has dark, straight hair. In case you’re wondering about the yellow lips: it’s a symptom of age in some of the dolls. Some collectors do a great job of painting new make up on with acrylic paint.

Beach Party Sindy was sold within an hour. I was rather sorry to see this one go. On the other hand it’s good to keep the dolls circulating so lots of people can enjoy them. Having said that, if I could build up a collection and then start a real life museum one day that would be great fun all round. I created a museum for a day last year. Perhaps a museum for a week would be the next step. Watch this space…

Is Big Foot a monster? The big foot Barbie of 1996.

The big flat feet of Hula Hair Barbie 1996
The big flat feet of Hula Hair Barbie 1996

No is categorically the answer. Big feet are not monstrous. If you imagine a human version of a Barbie doll, and that human version has the same tiny bent feet, they would be like the tiny broken and bound ‘Lotus feet’ of millions of Chinese women living between the 16th and 20th centuries. That is monstrous!

X-ray of bound feet v2

1981 Barbie doll feet
1981 Barbie doll feet

The practice of foot binding was endemic in China and there are still living women with bound feet today.

But how much of the enduring practice was about beauty versus ugliness? And how much was about social conformity? Some historical records indicate the initial practice was a about the beauty of ballet shaped feet:

…the practice is likely to have originated from the time of the 10th-century Emperor Li Yu… [He] created a six-foot tall golden lotus decorated with precious stones and pearls, and asked his concubine Yao Niang… to bind her feet in white silk into the shape of the crescent moon, and perform a ballet-like dance on the points of her feet on the lotus. Yao Niang’s dance was said to be so graceful that others sought to imitate her. The binding of feet was then replicated by other upper-class women and the practice spread.

Barbie Take Along Travel Case 1996 ballet dancer feature

Barbie Travel Case 1996

Ballet Lessons Barbie 1999 pink shoes

Ballet Lessons Barbie 1999

But a primary reason millions of women imposed this on their young daughters, time and time again, was because this act of social conformity ensured their daughters’ social acceptability as potential wives. Being married into a new family was the primary way to survive and thrive. Ideals of beauty and social conformity seem to fuse together. The most ‘beautiful’ woman was able to marry the richest man who would ensure a long, secure life with plenty of children. So people competed to be the most beautiful, which in a strange way meant a competition to be the most broken.

The competitive element can cause an ideal to become an extreme. I’ll make my waist smaller than yours, by wearing this tight corset and then I’ll be more attractive than you? Or I’ll pay for a breast enhancement and then I’ll look more striking than you? Or worse, I’ll look more acceptable to myself? Do human Barbie doll emulators such as Valeria Lukyanova and Rodrigo Alves actually suffer from body dysmorphic disorder? Does society suffer from body dysmorphic disorder?

It seems ironic at any rate that the Barbie lookalikes appeared so beautiful (according to current western ideals) before they had plastic surgery. In my eyes they now look ugly. I feel discomfited with their appearance. Strangely, although I enjoy dolls and find them fascinating and charming I don’t consider them beautiful. I associate true beauty with something fresher and more innocent – something less contrived. In terms of a person, I think it’s more about the experience of a person and joyful moments with them. The surface beauty of appearance is attractive and engaging, but not deeply satisfying.

One reason that Barbie dolls have small tiptoe feet is to fit easily into high heeled moulded plastic shoes. High heels being extremely popular, I guess there is a big customer demand for fashion dolls with heels. I do enjoy the look of heels. There’s something pleasing about the rounded shape of the shoe at the back, above the heel. And you can see more of the shoe – from all angles. But is that really attractive, or am I just culturally brain washed? I’ve given up on wearing them in any case – just too uncomfortable and impractical.

I do have a Mego doll that wears midi heels. They’re the ruby slippers worn by the character Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz story. The doll resembles Judy Garland circa 1939 and crucially the heels are articulated, allowing the foot to flex.

Flat feet of Mego Dorothy doll 1974.
Mego Dorothy (Judy Garland) doll feet and shoes 1974

Strangely, one of the most recent and most popular Barbie dolls, Made to Move Barbie has fairly realistic body proportions… except for the miniscule feet. I wasn’t even able pose the doll in a free standing position for the photo. What a shame!

Made to move Barbie coral top 2016 feet

However, Mattel have made some large footed dolls – as I discovered when I unpacked my bumper 1996 box. I found Hula Hair Barbie and In-Line Skating Barbie. Rock on girls! Dance like no-one’s watching.

Hula Hair Barbie 1996

Hula Hair Barbie

In-line Skater Barbie 1996

In-line Skating Barbie and her firmly flat footed friend Lil Chelsie

In yoga lessons, I’ve learned about the importance of connection with the ground. Whatever pose you do in yoga, it has be be earthed. You have to think about that and be aware of it, to achieve balance and release. So I vote for big feet. Ground connection, balance, release, stability. Big feet could be the foundation for a more stable society. I’m only half joking.