Christmas in Space


Christmas cards

Super silly Sci-Fi cards to make your cool family and friends laugh!

Do you ever feel a bit uncomfortable about the idea of the human race emigrating to Mars?
Do you ever get overwhelmed by Christmas?
Are you unsure about the fashion for Christmas jumpers?

Tinsel attack card

Astronaut battles live tinsel in unprovoked attack!


Christmas dinner in space card

Plastic turkey and vegetables float past in zero gravity.


Christmas on the moon card

Astronaut contemplates gift from Earth. It’s a cosy white knit with stylish green Christmas tree and decorations detail.


Christmas in outer space

Astronaut chills in cosy Santa Christmas jumper.


Christmas on mars card

Also available in pink.

Astronaut tries on new snowman jumper.


Christmas hairdo on mars

Hairdo by teleportation.


Xmas on spaceship on 911

You are on a spaceship in an emergency escape from your dying home planet. Get dressed up for Christmas. It’s important to keep the old traditions going.


Xmas on planet pü ding

There was a strange smell of Brandy and sweet spices in the air and the ground squelched underfoot.


365 light years until xmas

The astronauts were a long way from home but they had each other for company.


Mission X mas bauble

It was a massive planet sized Christmas bauble.


Father Christmas in space

And his trusty sidekick the red Robin.


Christmas party in space

Cross dresser astronauts. Why not?



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